Do you want to accomplish more as a team? Work as a team with more energy and enthusiasm? Create more understanding and unity within the team?

The strengthsanalysis® makes this possible.

What is it?

We use the strengthsanalysis® to get a clear idea of the talents, values and passions of each individual team member. The strengthsanalysis is made up of open, appreciative questions, based on the method of Appreciative Inquiry. Because the questionnaire focuses on what does work (instead of what doesn’t work) and consists of open questions, answering the questions immediately generates energy and self-insight for each team member. Subsequently we are going to get to work with the entire team. The activities will revolve around the following elements:

  • Building trustSchermafbeelding 2013-02-11 om 22
  • Aligning values
  • Focusing on strengths

The personal skills, values and passions of each team member will be shared. Together we will set a team goal. Based on the team’s talents, values and passions, we will decide what is the best path towards reaching the team goal. Based on its own strengths, the team will develop a new system of strengths for itself.

What will it bring the team?

  • Insight into what strengths (talents, values and passion) are present in the team;
  • Insight into how these strengths can be used to their full advantage;
  • More energy and enthusiasm;
  • Better team performance/productivity (Gallup’s research has shown that teams’ productivity increased by 12% after a strengths-based intervention).

How does it work:

Step 1: Appreciative Inquiry interviews with all the team members
Step 2: Every team member does the strengthsanalysis individually.
Step 3: A full workshop day with the team.
Step 4:

  • Workshop Day – We determine the team goal and the challenges. What ingredients are needed to pursue and reach the team goal? We reveal the team’s strengths model and determine where the differences lie. Together, we will discuss these strengths. The team will create a new disposition of strengths.

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