Do you want to make better use of your employees’ capacities? Create more involvement and enthusiasm? The strengthsanalysis® makes this possible.

What is it?

In order to help you make the best possible use of your employees’ strengths, we will begin by analysing the three elements that are crucial for the engagement and enthusiasm of employees. In your organization, we will measure the:

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  1. Degree of trust – what degree of trust is there among colleagues, with their superiors, the client, other departments and the board of directors?
  2. Aligning of values – how do the values of the employees relate to the values of your organization?
  3. Focus on strengths – to what extent does your organization utilize the employees’ stengths?

Based on this survey we will map out the levels of trust, values and strengths in your organization. What applies equally to all three elements, is that the stronger they are in your organization, the higher the degree of involvement and enthusiasm of your employees will be. The survey will provide an insight into what is going on in your organization, and which steps you need to take in order to affect change. Using the results of the analysis, we will help your organization to identify shortfalls and opportunities. Furthermore, we will help your organization to take concrete steps towards improvement.

What will it bring you?

  • Insight into the level of trust within your organization;
  • Insight into the interconnection of values between your employees and your organization;
  • Insight into the degree of focus on strengths;
  • A complete picture of the shortfalls and opportunities for more involvement of employees with your organization;
  • Concrete steps towards more involved employees.

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact Szegedi coaching & training to schedule an interview to discuss your specific question, situation and needs.Together we will determine the ideal scope of the analysis.
Step 2: Carry out the analysis – we will send a short questionnaire to different people in several departments throughout your organization.
Step 3: Based on the results of the questionnaire a scan will be performed to register the degree of trust, the values and the focus on strengths.
Step 4: The results will be presented to you in one, or several, workshops. In these we will identify the shortfalls and opportunities within your organization. We will also present you with concrete steps you can take to achieve a higher level of involment among your employees.
Step 5: Wrapping up and, if necessary, determining of subsequent steps.

At your request, we can play a role in implementing concrete, subsequent steps by means of workshops, training and coaching.

To contact us for an informal interview, or for more information about the strengthsanalysis for your organization, click here >>